What We Do

Home Lab Services

Everyone needs their blood taken at some point.

Many people avoid having it done because they just don't have the time to make an appointment, drive to the hospital, find a parking spot, then sit in the hospital and wait to have it done.

We come to your home or business. Early in the morning before work, lunch time...whenever it's convenient for you!

  • Eliminate long wait times at the hospital;
  • Enjoy the comfort of your own home or favorite chair while having your blood collected; 
  • Stay warm and dry in bad weather and let us come to you;
  • There's no need to take time of work;
  • Kids won't miss school (even if they want to);
  • Avoid the risk of infection in hospital waiting rooms.

Our professionals will take a blood or urine sample and handle all details with properly transporting samples to the hospital (that same day).

The Process

Scheduling an Appointment

Appointments are scheduled from 5:30am to 1:00pm so that your blood and/or urine sample can be delivered to the hospital that same day. We can coordinate the appointment with any fasting requirements.

Taking a Blood Sample 

Blood samples are drawn quickly and painlessly. We specialize in difficult veins. Sit in your favorite chair, watch tv, have a chat - whatever makes you comfortable. 

Transporting Blood & Urine Samples

We take your sample to the hospital the same morning it is collected to maintain the quality of the sample and to ensure you get your results as soon as possible.  

Cutting Edge Technology

Home Lab Services remains on the cutting edge with our use of laboratory technology in transporting your blood sample from your home to the hospital.

Our Centrifuge machine allows blood to be separated into its individual components, ensuring the most accurate test results.

To maintain the stability of your blood sample while enroute to the lab blood is triple packed in accordance with hospital protocols.


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